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Solar APU System

Complete DC Electric, operated by vehicle's battery. High efficiency, high reliability, batter power monitor, low noise, easy installation, easy operation, engine no idling, no wearing, no vibration, no fuel consumption, no air pollution.

Installation Process: Mount the outdoor back-wall condenser unit at the rear of the cab, mount the indoor cool unit under the bunk. No need to cut large openings, only one small hole is needed for the refrigerant hoses, drain pipe, and electric cabling.

Wide-range application. The no-idle vehicle A/C is designed to run on the normal starter batteries, it can be widely applied to various vehicles: sleeper trucks, daycab, RV, boats, electric vehices, offroad heavy duty machineries, agricultural vehicles, mini buses and finally vans.

APU System With Solar Technology

With the state of the art technology and exceptional solar quality, combine your APU with solar. Approved by the U.S. Government to receive up to 30% Tax Credit.

Solar APU System Technical Specifications
Cooling Capacity2500 Watts 8600 Btu/h
Refrigerant/ Charge VolumeR134a/ 1.85LBs
Standard Total Current70A
Compressor Displacement 18 cc/fev
Compressor Refrigeration OilZeroal Easter 68SL/100cc
Compressor Rated RPM2000-5500
Evaporator TypeCopper Tube & Aluminum Fins
Evaporator Cool Air Flow250 CFM
Condensor TypeMulti-flow Aluminum
Condensor Air Flow1100 CFM
Control System Inside Temperature15-30C Adjustable
Control System Defrost Temperature1~2C
Control System Wind Speed3 Steps
Control System Compound Switch250 PSI OFF
Control System Pressure Protection/5 PSI OFF
Power Loss Under Voltage Protection10.5V
Power Loss Restratvoltage Setting11.5V
Ambient Temperature-30 ~ 60C
Unit Weight Outdoor Unit65LBS(29.5kgs)
Unit Weight Indoor Unit27.5LBS(12.5 kgs)
Unit Oversize Outdoor Unit30'x27'x7'(750 x 685 x 185mm)
Unit Oversize Indoor Unit16' x 11' x 7.1'(405 x 280 x 180mm)
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